Performance Details: Polish American Night at Comerica Park – Friday, May 19

We will meet at East Adams Street, at the tunnel entrance.

We need to be there by Promptly by 5:45 p.m. Once the gate to the tunnel is closed, we will not be allowed entry. Last year they were allowing late entries, this year, they will not allow it.

As in years past, each dance group will have a designated area that will be marked with a sign with our name on it (we are Centennial and Polanie and Alliance Dancers). Group 3 is performing with Polanie.

The gates to the tunnel will open sometime shortly after 6:00pm. Groups with an “L” designation will line up on the left side of the tunnel, groups with an “R” designation line up on the right side of the tunnel. We will be told where to line up.

If you have been designated to go out on the field to hold the banner or chaperone, please leave your purses and bags with someone who is not going out on the field. (yes, I told you this last year, and they let you take them, most likely they will not let you get away with it this year). You will most likely be going through a metal detector. These are all Tiger security protocols that all must follow.

Procession out of the gate and walking on to the field will be during the Polonez. Within the three minutes of this song, we have over 400 people walking out in procession and trying to locate themselves on the field.

For both dignitaries and dancers, I’m sure there will be a lot of activity around the field so please act responsible at all times. The Tigers organization is graciously allowing us to honor our heritage. Please take pride in being on time and organized.

Friendly reminder to everyone, there is construction around Comerica, including Woodward with all the Construction and new Wings Stadium. Delays may happen, so give adequate time. Gates open at 5:30 pm and there are four polka bands throughout the park playing. Come early to enjoy the atmosphere.

Finally, a reminder that no one should be talking to baseball players or asking for photos while on the field. There’ll be some players around the field doing their pre‐game warm up and should not be bothered. (per:Chris and Wally Ozog, our 48 year organizers. They work diligently to organized this event, have us on allowed to perform on the field) Thank you!!!


Group one and two:  Centennial

Group three: Krakowiak

Everyone should have these from the recital. If you are missing any of these pieces, please contact Deanne immediately. Thank you!

Stay safe and Have a great time!!


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