Our History

The PNA Centennial Dancers Lodge 3240 was formed in 1980, the Centennial year of the Polish National Alliance. Joanne Ygeal and Stella Lemanek saw a need to promote Polonia in the western suburbs, and with the help of the Polish National Alliance, started the Lodge and dance group. As Centennial grew, and Lodge 3240 merged with Lodge 53 and St. Cecelia Society, there are 35 year plus members who continue to support the Lodge and dance group.

Throughout 35 years the PNA Centennial Dancers grew under the leadership of directors

  • Joanne Ygeal
  • Linda Trethewey †
  • Barb Martin
  • Gloria Platek
  • Jan Favot
  • Dawn Rahn
  • Kristal Greniuk-Wioncek
  • Diane Dudek
  • Jan Favot & Barb Martin
  • Barb Martin
  • Marie (Stawasz) Boyle, current

The efforts of these directors and past families who helped organize and keep the PNA Centennial Dancers Lodge 53 a vibrant community organization such as the Miszaks, Rekucs, LaCroixs, Sikoras, Plateks,  Nizienskis, Nowaks, Wojtowiczs, Zabawskis, Tretheweys, Stawaszs, Favots, Martins, Marzecs and Karwans who along with many others have put their heart and soul into keeping Centennial Dancers alive and active. These families and many others have worked diligently to display Polish heritage and culture. They have found a way to include the youth and adults as the dancers performed throughout Michigan and in Ohio, Milwaukee, Connecticut and Illinois.

While it is not mandatory to be a Polish National Alliance member to be a Centennial member, we encourage dancers and families to join us as part of this Fraternal Organization. In addition to our fine array of insurance and annuity products there are the many benefits that flow from belonging to our PNA family.

The Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America, known today as the PNA or the Alliance, is the largest of all ethnically-based fraternal insurance benefit societies in this country. The Polish National Alliance offers a full range of life insurance products to its members. The PNA also offers excellent annuity plans. At the same time, the Alliance provides its members with a wide range of valuable fraternal benefits.

  • The home office of the Polish National Alliance is located in Chicago. The PNA and its fraternal groups offer separate college scholarship programs for your entire post-secondary education.
  • Sports events for adults and youth include baseball, soccer, bowling and golf.
  • PNA Council 54 promotes youth and senior citizen activities and offers support to our dancers throughout the year, including a presentation ball for qualifying high school students.
  • The local PNA District X Women’s Division promotes youth and senior citizen activities, including a State Presentation (Debutante) Ball every four years.