Presentation Balls


Congratulations to our 2018-19 Debutante:

Elena Terese Wioncek



High school seniors are also eligible to be presented as debutantes and squires during our semi-annual ‘touch of class’ presentation balls. Presentation Balls are  a modern day tradition based on coming out parties that Polish nobility would have for their young daughters, signifying they were of marrying age and available to be courted by young suitors.

This was an event for a single girl, not done in a group as we do here today. Young men were also introduced to society. Such parties’ were held at the home or manor of the young lady or young man. After 1918 all titles were banned, officially there was no more Polish nobility. For the children of the common folk there were cotillions (kotylion) which remained common through the 1960’s.  A Kotylion ball was an event where young ladies and young men would wear a ribbon rosette or flower pinned to their clothing. These rosettes would come in pairs.  At the ball, attendees would seek out the person with their matching rosette or flower.  When they were found, all the couples would dance a waltz in circles around the dance floor.  Of course, the young men always tried to figure out what the young lady they liked would be wearing to the ball; but, during the cotillion there was no presentation and no white gowns. Today, we have combined the old traditions and brought in our own to present.